Squeeze Covered – The Elephant Ride

“If you’ve got nowt to say then say nowt” is something I try to put into practice and partially explains why I’ve not written a blog (if that’s what this is) for a few weeks. Me suffering from writer’s block, apathy and taking advantage of the long summer nights by not being tied to my PC isn’t of any consequence in a world where triviality rules. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter as I’m not overly interested in what z-list celebrities are doing or thinking, nor am I keen on the multinational conglomerates knowing everything about me – though that probably happened some time ago. Ultimately, I know that I’ll lose that battle and will be forced to sign-up to these and all the other social-media sites in order to have any meaningful existence but, before that happens, I’ll gladly live in defiant ignorance.

None of the above has anything to do with this week’s cover. I really like Tom Harrison’s cover of one of my favourite Squeeze album tracks though the video tends more towards “When The Hangover Strikes” than what I believe this song is about.


I’m not sure when the next time will be but, until then, toodle pip!


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