Squeeze Covered – Electric Trains

It’s over. Two hours went by in the blink of an eye. In front of a packed audience at the Harrogate International Centre, Squeeze concluded their Cradle To The Grave tour with a performance that would stand up to any they’ve given in the previous 40 or so years. I was concerned that the gruelling tour as well as the various television and radio appearances might have taken their toll on Glenn’s voice and the band’s enthusiasm but I needn’t have worried. Just about all the hits, two of my favourite album tracks, two covers and eight songs from the new album were performed to an adoring crowd. Highlights for me were “Nirvana”, “Open”, “Snap, Crackle and Pop” and a beautiful Glenn solo of “The Elephant Ride” but the whole show was fantastic. It was also great to hear Chris singing “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up”, a song that could have been written for him.

I didn’t get the chance to see the band after the show because there were just too many people waiting but if this is the last time I see Squeeze live, which I hope is not the case, at least they’ve left me with wonderful memories.

This month’s cover was also performed at the Harrogate show but with a slight twist as it was Chris who took lead vocal. Bob Fenster and friends do a fine job with this neglected classic. The song is so nostalgic it wouldn’t have been out of place on the new album.

Well, I’ve got to try to come down from this high. It’s not going to be easy. Until next time, Snap, toodle and pip!


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