Difford and Tilbrook – 18 November 2015 – live at City Winery, Napa, CA

Difford and Tilbrook – 18 November 2015 – live at City Winery, Napa, CA


For the first time in the US in almost 20 years, Squeeze’s Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook will be heading out on the road as a duo with ‘The At Odds Couple’ tour that will see them present their songs and story in a unique way. This follows on from the hugely successful UK tour of the same show at the end of last year. Beginning at City National Grove of Anaheim on November 13th, the 25 date tour will visit theaters around the US in a show that will celebrate their enduring music and partnership.

Chris Difford’s lyrics and Glenn Tilbrook’s music have prevailed through turbulent times over the past four decades, from the ever-changing musical landscape to their own internal reshuffles and an acrimonious break-up. ‘The At Odds Couple’ will see Glenn and Chris reflecting on their careers, as part of Squeeze and as solo artists, sharing not only the music but also giving an insight in to what makes the two of them tick as a partnership.

In addition to performing a selection of hits, including ‘Up The Junction’ and ‘Cool For Cats’, Chris and Glenn will be dusting down some previously unrecorded songs that were written together back in the band’s infancy but never recorded, “there are a few corkers in there”, as well as playing tracks from their solo careers. The duo has also been working on new Squeeze material – set for release in October 2015 – which will no doubt creep into the set list.

Difford’s ying to Tilbrook’s yang, Glenn’s chalk to Chris’s cheese, ‘The At Odds Couple’ will be in the spotlight and under the microscope like never before as these two talents of the music industry come together to present a unique two man show.

Chris Difford’s Tour Diary:

“Radio KCRW has long been a favourite of mine, back when we recorded the Play album in LA i had my ear glued to its unique and eclectic range of music. With the internet i can stream it all day long at home back on the ranch. Today we played 8 songs for them and i was so pleased to be back there. Such wonderful people with an outlook on music that only strokes the good bits. And then it was time to say farewell to LA and the Sunset Marques. Awaiting me was my tour bus out at Agoura Hills where tonights show is. I felt embarrassed as its so huge and mainly only for one or two people, the one i love is the only thing missing here in this boudoir of a bus. Red curtains, a shower, a walk in wardrobe and a double bed. Yikes, who do i think i am, Dolly Parton! Time to savour this moment as it won’t be for too long. On route to the show i met Shep Gordon who once managed Glenn and myself, he is a wonderful person and i recommend the film Supermench, the story of his magical and emotional life. It was so great to see him and share in his smile, his humour and his love. I wish we still worked together. The other person i met was the delightful Matt Thomas who is in LA with One Direction, he looks well and happy, doing a very difficult job by all accounts. Matt also was part of our past as he managed me up until a few years ago. I love his company and his serenity and love. In other manager news, Racheal flew home after the radio show, it was sad to see her leave her energy is vibrant and will help shape the next few years. But the bus, its amazing, i can’t be more excited about my first nights sleep as we wiggle up the road to Napa. 7 hours. Heading North means touring on, and thats just it, a bus makes it all the more bearable. Or does it? Tonight show was OK without being memorable, it was a chicken in the basket event and when you sometimes mix food and beer with music you get a certain kind of room temperature, but maybe thats just me. Nice to see old friends from the A&M days, We all look good with the passing of time, thank God.”

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