Squeeze Covered – Where Did Love Go

I’ve been watching with interest the poll of our favourite three songs on “Cradle To The Grave” on this website. I’ve always been interested in which songs other Squeeze fans like and why, though the “why” can’t be covered by a simple poll. It isn’t a surprise to me that the three songs I chose are the top three in the poll but I find it a little curious that “Everything” currently finds itself in a lowly eighth place. “Everything” and “Snap Crackle and Pop” would have been my other choices had it been a pick of my top five songs. In fact, the chorus of “Snap Crackle and Pop” is my current earworm though I’m sure it will be usurped by Kirsty and Shane in the next few days ……

I think I’m stretching the definition of what a cover song is with my selection this week. According to Chris Holland’s YouTube channel, “Where Did Love Go” is a Difford and Tilbrook composition so I’m sure there must be a demo version of it in a recording studio somewhere. It’s got all you’d expect of a Squeeze song and is, as ever, beautifully sung by Chris. It also features Ash Soan and Melvin Duffy on drums and pedal steel guitar respectively, so the Squeeze connections don’t end with Mr Holland.

This will be my last post of the year but what a year 2015 has turned out to be. Not only did we get a brand new Squeeze album, we got an album which stands up well to anything they have done previously. The album even made the charts and its songs got more airplay than even their most ardent of fans could have hoped for (and a lot more than I predicted in one of my posts). To cap it all, they had a hugely successful, near sell-out tour in the UK promoting the album. It’s a pity they didn’t do the same in the US but, from the bits I’ve seen on YouTube, I’m sure that the “At Odds Couple” tour was equally as good.

So, what does 2016 hold? I don’t know but what I do know is that both Glenn and Chris are currently working on autobiographies. In one of their many interviews, Glenn also hinted at the possibility of a new album in 2017 but, as with everything Squeeze related, who knows if and when that will actually materialise.

Until next year, toodle-pip!


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