New to Squeeze? Here’s where to start

Squeeze have been getting a whole load of new followers recently – playing to sold-out crowds across the UK on their Food For Thought tour has brought many new fans to the Facebook Group, and those who only know the hits have been asking me where they start in listening to the band’s amazing output.

I’ve had fun plotting a course for you through the band’s albums, starting with East Side Story, their 1981 album which contains the hits Is That Love and Labelled With Love and the almost-hit classic Tempted. Here’s what I came up with?

The Starter Guide to SQUEEZE Albums

What do you think? I’ve chosen ‘best albums for the new listener’ rather than ‘my favourite albums’ as my guide.

Where would you start? Would you even suggest whole albums or would you reduce Squeeze to individual tracks and a playlist? Let me know in the comments – and, if you’re new to the band’s output, do let me know how you get on.

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