Is That Love

Is That Love

You’ve left my ring by the soap
Now is that love?
You cleaned me out you could say broke
Now is that love?
The better better better it gets
The more these girls forget
That that is love

You won’t get dressed you walk about
Now is that, is that
A teasing glance has pushed me out
Now is that, is that
The tougher tougher tougher it gets
The more my lips frequent
Now that is love

You’ve called my bluff I’m not so hot,
Now is that love
My assets froze while yours have dropped,
Now is that, is that
It’s the cupid cupid cupid disguise
That more or less survived
Now that is love

You’ve made my bed the finger points
Now is that, is that love
The more you more you more you cool down
The easier love is found
Now that is love

Beat me up with your letters, your walk-out notes
Funny how you still fight me right here at home
Legs up with a book and a drink
Now is that love that’s making you think

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