Cool For Cats: A Squeeze podcast – Frank

Amy Hughes is inviting you in for ‘Black Coffee’ and a chat about our fave band Squeeze. Here’s the latest episode of her podcast (Season 2, Episode 5):

Cool For Cats: A Squeeze Podcast

“Adrian Simpson and I are just a bit excited talking about our favourite Squeeze album ‘Frank.’ We kind of like it. A lot!”

Here’s Amy:

“The year 1989 saw the launch of ‘Frank’, which was an exciting prospect for Squeeze followers. At the time, it was meant to be the ultimate sequel to ‘Babylon & On’, and given its predecessor’s success, ‘Frank’ was predisposed to be a hit. However, it did not live up to expectations, from the public or the record company. Nevertheless, both Adrian and I have an immense fondness for this record. Actually… we’re kind of passionate about this album, believing it to be an under-appreciated masterpiece in the Squeeze collection. The songs featured on ‘Frank’ are remarkable and personal and we can’t help but be a bit enthusiastic when discussing them.”

Cool For Cats: A Squeeze podcast

Check it out here:

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