G.S.O.H. Essential

G.S.O.H. Essential

Considering the experience I’m pushing out the boat
Calling every favour in to help keep it afloat
I don’t know if it will sink or sail majestically
Whether you will buy a ticket or stow away for free

I know it’s a new world
With exciting possibilities
Hooked up and downloaded
And it’s loud and clear on MP3

Considering the experience remembering when I was ten
The Monkees weren’t a real band but I still loved them
Now I flick on the remote and it’s happening again
I suppose it’s not such a big leap from them to S Club Seven

I know it’s a changed world
And that these things are not meant for me
Now fame’s the intention
You just have to really wanna be

I’m back again ready or not?
I know I’ve slung some hooks around these parts before
Should I dance around a lot?
If I did that you might show me the door

I know it’s an odd world
Make it even now for me
Although I’m still barking
I don’t think that’s it up the wrong tree

Considering the experience there’s not much to regret
Though I’ve picked up a few knocks the games not over yet
My heart is intact and here it is for you to see
And I won’t give up at least not yet so don’t give up on me

I know it’s a tough world
I’ve just found another door
I’m running a small shop
In the age of the global superstore

I live in the real world
What d’ya think I’m laughing for?
I’m ready and waiting
You can take me now I’m yours

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