Sunday Breakfast Treat

Sunday Breakfast Treat

Grate a half pound of cheddar
Transfer into a pot
With a spoonful of mustard
You may like mild, I prefer hot

Put in a splash of Tabasco
A tablespoon of Worcester sauce
A cup of stale beer
Plus pepper and salt
Mix it up and preparation’s over
All you have to do now is heat
It’s a proper Sunday Breakfast Treat

Put the pan on a low flame
Take care to stir all the time
Toast four slices of good bread
And when the Welsh Rarebit mixture’s melted, combine

Top it off with sliced tomato
Serve it up with Earl Grey tea
Read the Sunday papers
Which you have bought previously
It’s a perfect start to a Sunday
Lying in bed is hard to beat
Doing nothing much is such a treat

Now that that’s finished and it’s over
What on earth is left for us to do
I’ve had a great idea
Come here!

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