Where I Can Be Your Friend

Where I Can Be Your Friend

As I walk through life
I learn to see, with every angle
Everything I missed, when I was young
And could not handle
Perhaps I was naïve
But I was different then
And now I’m at the age
Where I can be your friend

As I think it through
I write these words, and hope you read them
In the distant hope, that you reply
And you believe them
Who knows I may be wrong
This bridge I aim to mend
Will take me back to you
Where I can be your friend

Who knows what damage is done
these words might heal
The process has begun
And this love is real

If I own my past
As I think I do, I’ll take this moment
To explain it now
And repair the heart that I must have broken
Perhaps I said some things
That didn’t make much sense
Now I’m back on board
Where I can be your friend

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