The Axe Has Now Fallen

The Axe Has Now Fallen

The axe has now fallen the past executed
I’ll distil the thoughts that remain still polluted
My reasons and action and unbroken theories
It’s the end of the story until the next series

The door’s now closed the room remains haunted
But it’s not ours but time that’s exhausted
The black cap is worn by the fear executer
Who severs the grip of the past for the future

The axe has now fallen the spell is long lasting
But now with this potion lies there in the basket
Along with the friends that have come in between us
You cut off the drip of ____ intravenous

Baffled bewildered successfully tortured
The mould on the apple is death in your orchard
Decisions decision it’s all been decided
As much of the future I feel so excited

The axe has now fallen I’ve restrung my feelings
It’s fun in the _____ I’ve seemed so mistreated
And when it’s all over I’ll pick my nose pickings
Send them to you for your ____ and _______

The axe has fallen

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