Everybody’s looking ‘round
Seeing if they’ve been seen
Taking all the fashions down
Extras in another’s dream
Passing comments on the girls
Trapping linos wafer thin
There’s so many different worlds
None of which I think I’m in

Everybody’s missing turns
No advances I have made
Even though my comment yearns
They are never ever played
By the way, your belly dance
Took me back a thousand steps
I’d like to see the others chance
And say what others haven’t said

Everybody’s making noise
Lights are beaming from above
Calling numbers calling names
Who’s in line and who’s in love
Paper hair and painted shirts
Buttercup and dandelion
I’m a singer and I’m a flirt
I’m doing what everyone’s trying

Back track – back up the track
No one understands me
Back track – Back up the track
Back to the way we used to love
Back up the track

These are the original lyrics as typed up and filed in the music publisher’s archives. Released in 1977 on the Packet Of Three EP as well as an extra track on Annie Get Your Gun (Live) USA CD single.

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