Elephant Girl

Elephant Girl

She’s interested in me
I’m interested in her
But there’s a distance
Each morning as she walks
Our eyes exchange the thought
Our hearts in interest
I’ve seen her at the club
Expanding with the fun
She looks so brilliant
She sticks close to her friends
And when the music ends
She is the Indian

I’m interested to meet
The girl that looks at me
I will be trying
Her colour unlike mine
Her hair the plaited vine
I will be climbing
My leg is always pulled
By friends who really would
But say they wouldn’t
The joke’s against my heart
Immediately she’s barred
Their hearts are wooden

I’m interested in her
She’s interested in me
The distance shortens
She walks towards the light
I walk towards, with lines
That seem important
I’m counting up to ten
By five she’s gone again
Into the distance
I’ll try again to nudge my
Courage for the love
Without resistance

I’d like to meet the Elephant Girl
I feel we know each other so well
From eyes that meet the love they seek
Interested to get close to you
Interested to get close to you

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