You sit in the corner chewing your finger
Looking so stupid but somehow so sweet
You play with your lemon watching the party
Looking at cameras and fashionable tweed

Behind your nail a piece of dirt
Baby you’re an introvert

You say that you’re hungry watching your waistline
Common as cabbage, and maybe as green
You mess up my parting by touching my collar
Saying I’m handsome I’m off in a dream

But sometimes love can really hurt
Baby you’re an introvert

I don’t mind you quiet you can shout I don’t care
But baby when you sit down you’d think that you weren’t there
I’d get more response from a stain on a shirt
But you’re on the level as a real introvert

You never read novels just problems and diets
Did you know that morning came just after night?
You beautiful dum dum I love you like illness
If you were to leave me I’d put up a fight

But don’t you try and be a flirt
Baby you’re an introvert

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