(Difford / Tilbrook)

I rode my bike along the towpath
Past all the cranes that bow their heads
Down by the river to the gas works
Where I would meet up with my friends
We’d mess around and play all summer
Around our flats and on the streets
In days that seemed to last forever
And nights beneath my nylon sheets

I was young and naive
And drifted around
But I followed my dreams
With music I found life Sunny

My growing up would not be easy
Going for long walks on the heath
Trying to play like Jimi Hendrix
Behind my back and with my teeth
I went to festivals and dropped out
That’s when I learned that I could fly
Sitting around an open fire
Watching the world go floating by

With my ear to the ground
The future took ages
When it finally arrived
The world we created was Sunny

My mother watched me changing
From a boy into a man
With spots and moods and temper tantrums,
short attention span
It didn’t seem to matter
It made me who I am

I got a job down at the warehouse
I worked hard to pay the rent
Rehearsing almost every evening
Trying to make another dent
Along the road that I had chosen
The generation game of life
Today I’m walking by the river
Watching my children cycle by

We came up through the pubs
That heaved with our friends
Now it’s coffee in mugs
While out on the Thames it’s Sunny

Lyrics to Sunny by Squeeze

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