Cool For Cats - UK - 7" - picture sleeve - clear red vinyl

The Ultimate Squeeze Discography

When I started ten years ago I intended it to be a place to put on the Internet my Squeeze record collection in the hope that other collectors would see it and I’d be able to learn what else was out there and had been released in far-flung countries by the band’s record company. I didn’t expect that something entirely different would happen, as former members of the band, their partners, friends, relatives, former managers, former tour managers, photographers and in one case even a member of the band’s dad got in contact with me about the site, the band, their music and their memorabilia.

Since then I’ve reinvented to be Squeeze, Difford and Tilbrook – as it happens. The discography slowly got lost in the march of Broadband speed as the small graphics looked old and tired. It was great that last week I figured a out a beautiful technical solution to displaying the Squeeze Discography in a full searchable database with high quality, crisp graphics and full information on every release I’ve discovered over the past 35 years of collecting.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be adding a release at a time as I scan, write and present the ultimate Squeeze discography on the Internet. Did you want to see:

The Polish Postcard picture disc of Cool For Cats?

The New Zealand demonstration copy of Goodbye Girl?

The clear red vinyl copy of Cool For Cats?

Here they all are – with more being added constantly.

So tell me – have you got a black vinyl copy of Up the Junction with brown A&M logo labels? How about a lilac vinyl copy of Up the Junction with brown labels? I’m interested!

Mystery Squeeze Photo 27

Mystery Squeeze Photo #27

Time for another of an occasional series of glimpses into the Squeeze archive here at for you.

Who is in this photo?
What are they singing?
In what year was it taken?
Where were they?

Mystery Squeeze Photo 27

Leave a Comment below if you think you know – no prizes for a right answer, but lots of kudos if you do get it right!

If you have any interesting Squeeze photos that would make a good Mystery Squeeze Photo just Contact Me.

Glenn Tilbrook photographed by Danny Clifford

Glenn Tilbrook – 24 October 2014 – live at Seckler Stage at Highland Lakes, Highland Lakes, NJ

Glenn Tilbrook – 24 October 2014 – live at Seckler Stage at Highland Lakes, Highland Lakes, NJ

Minack Theatre Show

News just in from Daniel Dewey:

Hi David

Looks like they might not be as at odds anymore and that the tour will continue in 2015.


SQUEEZE, Difford and Tilbrook – as it happens