Tim Curry

This Week’s Squeeze Cover Version

Take Me I’m Yours is a Squeeze classic – but how well do other artist do in their cover versions of the song? It’s not the easiest of songs to play. Here’s Tim Curry covering the song. How do you think he did and which are your favourite cover versions of the song?


Squeeze – All About That Bass

Meghan Trainor thinks that it’s All About That Bass and so do I. Here are some of my favourite Squeeze bass covers from novices to accomplished! What do you think? Any budding bassplayers out there want to give us a demonstration of their skills?

Here’s my personal favourite Domino by superduperryane

Uploaded on Jul 24, 2011
“Fun stuff! I heard this song for the first time tonight, so I learned it and played it all within a couple hours. =) yay!
My earring is going crazy!”

My ears are Going Crazy!

Here’s Tempted by infusion26.

Uploaded on Nov 23, 2011
“Squeeze are a British band that came to prominence in the United Kingdom during the New Wave period of the late 1970s, and continued recording successfully in the 1980s and 1990s. They are known in the UK for their hit songs “Cool for Cats”, “Up the Junction”, “Tempted”, “Labelled With Love”, “Black Coffee In Bed”, “Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)”, and “Hourglass”.”


Here’s Pulling Mussels (From the Shell) with a bass playalong by FluffyWagglekins

“From their great album “Argy Bargy” this is my version of the bassline to “Pulling Mussels”. This cover was a request from Chuck in North Carolina. Hope you like it, Chuck!

The question is: Whose education?!

YouTube Videos

Squeeze on YouTube – check out these great channels!

So what are the best YouTube channels featuring Squeeze’s music? Here’s my personal selection of favourites – which are yours?

The offical channel of Squeeze Official www.squeezeofficial.com

Steve Bertram
The channel of Steve Bertram – ace Squeeze collector supreme – with full live concerts

Simon Snipturn’s channel with the best selection of live concert footage, some with excellent soundboard audio and even some with multi-cam angles.

And, of course my channel!

And now Google have all the Squeeze album tracks on YouTube in HD.

Mystery Squeeze Photo 28

Photographs in the Packet of Three Archive

Those of you who went to the recent The At Odds Couple tour shows might have noticed the stage set with an arm chair, standard lamp, car radiator grille and other ‘retro’ and ‘vintage’ items. As well as these is a folding screen room divider decorated with photographs of Chris and Glenn – many of which are from my collection.

Here’s one from the thousands of unusual shots I have – enjoy!

Mystery Squeeze Photo 28

When is this from? Leave a Comment below if you think you know – no prizes for a right answer, but lots of kudos if you do get it right!

If you have any interesting Squeeze photos that would make a good Mystery Squeeze Photo just Contact Me.

BBC4 Hitchin Squeeze Concert

Squeeze on the BBC

Squeeze are currently on the BBC – and available on the iPlayer in the UK.

There’s the brilliant Squeeze: Take Me I’m Yours documentary first shown on 12 October 2012 and directed by Bob Smeaton, director of Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train A Comin’ for American Masters. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01n8kmq/squeeze-take-me-im-yours

Squeeze Take Me I'm Yours - Bob Smeaton Documentary
“Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford, the men behind Squeeze, have been called everything from the new Lennon and McCartney to the godfathers of Britpop. Now, 35 years after their first record, this documentary reappraises the songwriting genius of Difford and Tilbrook and shows why Squeeze hold a special place in British pop music.
Difford and Tilbrook, two working class kids from south east London, formed Squeeze in 1974 with the dream of one day appearing on Top of the Pops. In 1978, they achieved that dream when the single Take Me I’m Yours gave the band the first of a string of top 20 hits. The period from 1978 to 1982 saw the group release a run of classic singles, timeless gems such as Cool for Cats, Up the Junction, Labelled with Love, Tempted and Pulling Mussels (From the Shell) to name but a few.
Although the line-up of Squeeze would go through various changes of personnel (another founder member Jools Holland left in 1980 and then rejoined the group in 1985) it is Difford and Tilbrook’s songs that have remained the constant throughout the lifetime of the band.
The duo explain how they came to write and record many of their greatest songs. Although their relationship at times has often been tenuous at best, the mutual admiration for each other’s talent has produced some of the best songs of the past 40 years.
With contributions from former band members Jools Holland and Paul Carrack, together with testament from Elvis Costello, Mark Knopfler and Aimee Mann to Difford and Tilbrook’s songwriting talent and why they deserve to be placed alongside such renowned songwriting partnerships as Lennon and McCartney, Jagger and Richards and Elton John and Bernie Taupin.”

It’s available for the next 27 days.

And coming soon In Concert http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00v7xjd:
BBC4 Hitchin Squeeze Concert

David Hepworth introduces part of a live concert by Squeeze from 1982 at the Regal Theatre in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.
BBC Four Saturday 22 November 2014 3:10.


John Bentley’s new album features “It’s Giving Me The Creeps”

Here’s a track from John Bentley’s fantastic new album “Based on a True Story“.

Video by Bebe Bentley

John Bentley‘s LP is on vinyl from Plane Groovy. It’s a fantastic object and marvelous sound. Buy it here.

based on a true story

John is now on Twitter – check his tweets!

2008-03-31 Chris Difford 6Music Session

Chris Difford live Session from 2008 repeated on 6Music

2008-03-31 Chris Difford 6Music Session
Here’s Chris in 2008 performing Fat As a Fiddle, On My Own I’m Never Bored and Battersea Boys. Classic!

Patti Austin

This Week’s Squeeze Cover Version

Another Nail in My Heart is one of Squeeze’s most covered songs – but how well do those cover versions do? It’s not the easiest of songs to play. Here’s Patti Austin covering the song. How do you think she did and which are your favourite cover versions of the song?

Paul Carrack

Malcolm Wyatt interviews Paul Carrack

Here’s a great interview with Paul Carrack by Malcolm Wyatt:


This is a revised and expanded version of a Malcolm Wyatt feature for the Lancashire Evening Post, first published on October 30, 2014. For the online version, head here.

Thanks Malcolm!

Chris Difford

Chris to play Brick Lane on 27 November 2014

According to Ents24, Chris Difford is playing in Brick Lane soon. Get down there! It’ll be great!!

The Bus Driver’s Prayer Presents: Chris Difford
The Bus Driver’s Prayer is an irreverent, offbeat and importantly BYOB night of music, comedy and poetry on Brick Lane.

Venue: Kahaila Cafe
Date: 27 November 2014
135 Brick Lane
E1 6SB

Train → Shoreditch High Street 6 min walk
Tube → Whitechapel 11 min walk

2014-11-15 The Lowry - Helen Roughley

Difford and Tilbrook – 16 November 2014 – live at The Lowry, Manchester

Difford and Tilbrook – 16 November 2014 – live at The Lowry, Manchester

Photographs by Helen Roughley

2015 Glenn Australia Tour

Do You Fancy Glenn Tilbrook Down Under?

Glenn’s announced that he’ll be touring in Singapore and in Australia in New South Wales and Victoria!

Finally after nearly 8 years I am returning to tour Australia, with a quick gig in Singapore on the way. Details below, hopefully a couple more will be added soon.

Saturday 29th Nov Hero’s, Singapore https://www.dashtickets.sg/event/hgjwy0m9z
Thursday 4th Dec Lizottes, Kincumber, NSW http://www.lizottes.com.au
Friday 5th Dec Lizottes, Dee Why, NSW http://www.sydney.lizottes.com.au/live
Sunday 7th Dec Lizottes, Newcastle, NSW http://www.newcastle.lizottes.com.au
Thu 11th Dec Spotted Mallard, Melbourne, VIC http://www.spottedmallard.com
Fri 12th Dec Caravan Music Club, Melbourne, VIC http://www.caravanmusic.com.au

2014 Glenn Australia Tour

Up the Junction on Sounds of the 70s

Squeeze on Sounds of the 70s 2

Sounds of the 70s 2 –
10. New Wave – Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
Performances from Elvis Costello, the Police, Squeeze, Blondie and other acts from the New Wave genre that followed punk in the late 1970s.

Up the Junction features here. Don’t you just love John Bentley’s jumper?

Up the Junction on Sounds of the 70s

2014-11-14 Edinburgh Billy Cowie

Difford and Tilbrook – 14 November 2014 – live at Edinburgh Queens Hall

Difford and Tilbrook – 14 November 2014 – live at Edinburgh Queens Hall

As Billy Cowie says: “Chris & Glenn on stage in Edinburgh last night. Brilliant gig, superb playing and loads of laughs.”
2014-11-14 Edinburgh Billy Cowie

2014-11-13 Tyne Theatre Philip Rutherford

Difford and Tilbrook – 13 November 2014 – live at Newcastle Tyne Theatre

Difford and Tilbrook – 13 November 2014 – live at Newcastle Tyne Theatre

Great photo by Philip Rutherford
2014-11-13 Tyne Theatre Philip Rutherford

2014-11-13 Tyne Theatre Philip Rutherford 2

2014-11-14 Birmingham Snipturn

Difford and Tilbrook – 11 November 2014 – live at Birmingham Town Hall

Difford and Tilbrook – 11 November 2014 – live at Birmingham Town Hall

Here’s Snipturn‘s photo:

2014-11-14 Birmingham Snipturn


Take Me I’m Yours
Black Coffee in Bed
Slaughtered, Gutted and Heartbroken
Electric Trains
Is That Love
Beautiful Game
Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)
Fat as a Fiddle
Cowboys are My Weakness
Up The Junction


Some Fantastic Place
Cold Shoulder
Ice Cream
Chat Line Larry
Points of View
Slap and Tickle
Everything in the World
Annie Get Your Gun
Cool For Cats


Cradle to the Grave
Labelled With Love
Goodbye Girl

SQUEEZE, Difford and Tilbrook – as it happens