Lee Richardson's tickets

Squeeze Tickets

Isn’t this fantastic? Lee Richardson’s collection of Squeeze tickets is magnificent – and for some really great shows! Do you have something …

Argy Bargy

It was 35 years ago…

It’s 35 years this week since Argy Bargy was released in the UK. What’s your favourite track?

Figurine Panini - The Rock and Pop Collection - Squeeze - front

Squeeze Figurine Panini sticker

Panini Figurine (stickers) were the major producers of stickers, trading cards and trading card games. They had stickers and cards for footballers …

Mr Difford at Home by Hal Shinnie

Mr Difford at Home

Find out what Chris Difford thinks about life and music in this interview… http://www.fellowhq.com/life/chris-difford-squeeze/

The Jar Family

Keith Wilkinson and The Jar Family

“Where is Squeeze bassist Keith Wilkinson now?” I hear you ask. Well, playing with The Jar Family, as previously reported here. “What …