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Sodajerker interviews with Glenn and Chris – take a listen!

Great interviews you’ve just got to hear! Thanks to the chaps at for these gems!


Glenn Tilbrook, lead singer and guitarist for Squeeze, talks about the writing of such classic songs as ‘Cool for Cats’, ‘Up the Junction’, ‘Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)’, ‘Another Nail in my Heart’, ‘Tempted’, ‘Hourglass’, ‘Some Fantastic Place’ and more. In addition to describing his 40+ year songwriting partnership with Chris Difford, Glenn also talks about some of the songs from his new album Happy Ending.


Lyricist and songwriter Chris Difford, known for his work in Squeeze, talks about the writing of such classic songs as ‘Cool for Cats’, ‘Up the Junction’, ‘Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)’, ‘Tempted’, ‘King George Street’, ‘Hourglass’, ‘Some Fantastic Place’ and more. In addition to describing his 40+ year songwriting partnership with Glenn Tilbrook, Chris also talks about some of the songs from solo albums like Cashmere if You Can, and his collaborations with a number of other artists.

Licensed under Creative Commons Thanks to Cathy for the tip-off.

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