Of course, Squeeze were never as successful as they should have been

Of course, Squeeze were never as successful as they should have been

If you’re a fan of Squeeze it’s important not to live with a paralysing sense of complaint. “They were never as successful as they should have been.” “Chris and Glenn are brilliant songwriters but never got the credit they deserved.” “Everyone loves the hits now, but their chart positions were really low how come so many people know all the lyrics to Goodbye Girl when it only got to number 63 in the charts?”

There’s a palpable sense of injustice in the air whenever two or more Squeeze fans are in the room. “They were never fashionable, that was their problem.” “Glenn never got recognition for being such a brilliant guitarist.”

It’s time to do something about it. Young people buying CDs nowadays have no idea that’s how many fans feel. All they know is what the music sounds like and it sounds great! When I first heard the Kinks, it was the music that mattered, not how the press had viewed them at the time they released their classics.

When the Squeeze albums are re-released later this year, do your bit. Buy them. Tell your friends to buy them. Buy one for your friends. Email a radio station and request some Squeeze. Blog about them. Don’t live with that sense of complaint. It’s up to you. You can make them as successful as we all know they deserve to be.

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