FluffersTV: Fun Fine Art!

One of the reasons my old site wasn’t working out as well for me after the initial 8 or 9 years was that my computer was from the Paleolithic Era, and would not play streaming video. This meant that not only was I missing out on things like this (thank you Mr. Tilbrook, that’s just what I needed this morning!), but I could not watch ANY YouTube.

I’ll just pause here to allow the gasps of horror (and perhaps the odd stray tear) to subside…

Yes, it wasn’t really a life worth living, and worse yet it made me an increasingly incompetent webmistress for the Unofficial Glenn Site! I couldn’t listen to most of the interviews, because even the radio ones were often done in video by the final year. So all I could do was link to them and say, “See what you think!” That kind of took the wind out of my News Page writing sails, since I prefer to give my opinion on, well, everything.

But thankfully I finally have a brand new MacBook, and the world of online video is now my oyster! (I’d blog more often, but I pretty much do YouTube 24/7 now…sorry.)

So, what this somewhat longwinded introduction is leading up to is the simple fact that to me FluffersTV is a new thing!

WOW. Wow, wow, wow! Somebody is really fricking good at making those videos!! I mean they look so casual, off the cuff, and fluffy, but look more closely and you’ll see they’re really works of fine art. The camera angles, the composition of the frames, which moments get filmed, and the tight and precise way they’re cut together all look deceptively simple. The songs always fit perfectly, the dialogue snippets are added seamlessly and with great effect, and I have to say that some of the tracks I was less enthusiastic about have been shown to me in a new and improved light. It is simply impossible not to love something presented in such a contagiously fun manner!

There isn’t room for a dull nanosecond in something as short and upbeat as the Fluffers vids, but that just doesn’t seem to be a problem for the videographer. And best of all, he or she seems to really understand and capture the essence and personalities of all the band members and all the songs, weaving everything together to show the viewer how they truly are one and the same: It is clear that Glenn and the Fluffers wrote and performed the songs, and it’s clear that they put a lot of themselves into their music. It may sound trite (to me it sounds understated!), but the result is that the whole really is far greater than the sum of its parts.

So, who is this incredibly talented person who can actually make me like Glenn’s music even more?

I had to find out, so I put on my snoopiest librarian glasses and wrote to the one person who must know. David wasted no time in informing me that it is none other than Simon Hanson!! Dude, you’ve been hiding your (other) light under a bushel!

Long may FluffersTV continue!

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