Glenn Stranded in Morocco!

Glenn and his family have apparently been stranded in Morocco due to the volcanic ash, but they do have an exit strategy! Glenn’s manager will be driving the tourbus from Stroud to Spain to pick them up, says this local Gloucestershire web article.

Miles Connolly, of the Prince Albert in Stroud, is travelling 700 miles in the star’s tour bus to pick him and his family up in Madrid, Spain. Miles, who works part time for Glenn as a tour manager, got the call for help on Sunday after the musician was left stranded by the airspace shutdown crisis.

Miles said: “Glenn had been in Morocco, and obviously he can’t fly back, so it made sense for me to go down to London to get his tour bus and drive it down to pick him up. He’s there with three of his children, his girlfriend Suzanne, his father and his father’s partner, and he needs to get back.”

Miles and his partner Lotte Lyster, who runs the pub, set off on Monday night.

You can read the rest of the article here. This explains Glenn’s recent tweet, which I initially found a bit perplexing due to lack of context (and because I had assumed “ash” was a typo…)

In marrakech staying at the amazing Riyad Darhani in the centre of all the souks. Looks like we may be scoring some ash & be staying longer. -Glenn

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