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Well, Glenn Tilbrook has a new web site design which looks excellent.

This week Glenn’s on Ken Bruce’s Tracks of My Years on BBC Radio 2. The show is everyday between 9.30 and midday. See http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/shows/ken-bruce/tracks-of-my-years/ for details.

In addition, Saturday Morning Music Club has expanded to three releases – there’s the pre-order for Spot the Difference, the new re-recordings of Squeeze classics with a killer version of [[Loving You Tonight]] sung by Glenn, and a reissue of Pandemonium Ensuess which has six, yes six, extra tracks:
[[Black Sheep]] (Remix)
[[Happy Disposition]] (Acoustic)
[[Product]] (Acoustic)
[[Relentless Pursuit]](Acoustic)
[[Still]] (Acoustic)
Too Close to the Sun (Demo)

and very good they are too – all for not very many dollars. Visit Saturday Morning Music Club to find out more and join.

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