RIP, George Jones

American country music fans learned this week of the passing of legendary singer George Jones. Over a rocky career where George seemed to be living out the heart-breaking songs he sang, he received accolades as being one of the greatest artists to work in the country genre. 14 number one hits, Grand Ole Opry member, Country Music Hall of Fame, Grammy awards, Kennedy Center Honoree, and originator of the John-Deere-to-the-liquor-store legend. (His then wife hid all the car keys to keep him home and he rode a riding lawnmower eight miles to the nearest place to buy a bottle.)

There are two Squeeze connections:

CD: Elvis was really into country music and introduced us to George Jones and Loretta Lynn. He gave us an education in American country, which I’d never listened to before. From that point onwards I started buying country cassettes at truck stores in America and listening to them.

  • George Jones had a horrible problem with alcohol and it caused him to miss many shows and earn the nickname “No Show Jones.” Chris took that name, made a song out of it, and released it as a single in 2003. He has said since then that, given the chance, he would change the song.

RIP, George Jones

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