Glenn’s Mojo backwards campaign – are you taking part?

Glenn Tilbrook has a personal Instagram account. He posts photographs of his life on the road and his family as well as backstage shots. It’s often entertaining.

Recently he’s started a viral newsagent-bombing direct-action advertising campaign. The current issue of Mojo magazine has a full-page advert for the new Squeeze album From the Cradle to the Grave – but it’s on the back cover. What use is it on the back cover? Here’s Glenn’s original post:

Glenn Tilbrook on Instagram - Mojo Backwards

“By simply turning around the current issue of Mojo in your local newsagent/service station you can help us in our quest to let everybody know we are both alive and kicking!”

Hundreds of people have responded and posted their phtographs on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Here are a few:

Instagram Mojo

Instagram Mojo

It’s become so successful that Glenn’s been finding magazines have already been turned round when he goes in to do it:

Instagram Mojo


Where have you turned Mojo round? Let us know!

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