Heaven knows you’ve got to open up somehow
I can take it on the chin
There’s nothing I can do if you won’t let it out
And you won’t let me in

You showed interest in me
When I was outside looking in
How is it you got to be?
So untouchable
So untouchable

You’re your own worst enemy when you’re like this
You know that is the truth
There’s nothing I can do if you won’t spare a thought
For anyone but you

Are you scared you won’t return? If you cross the final line
With no bridges left to burn
You’re untouchable
You’re untouchable

You can rant and rave all day
And increasingly you do
You never used to be this way so what is it that’s got to you?

I’m never going to know what this is all about
Till you start trusting me
Take this as a friendly shot across your bows
As you can talk to me

You are obviously fraught
I’ve said all that I can say
Now the ball is in your court
Whack it back or walk away
We can slowly drift apart
Intrigue only lasts so long
It’s up to you to make a start
You’re untouchable
You’re untouchable


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