The Call

The Call

Bring out your dead

It felt so bad and I’m in pain
And why don’t I say no not again
Your love has failed and all’s gone sour
You have to see her every hour
When you can’t sleep your mind is blank
That you have love no longer thinks
You lose the grip you thought you had
She smiles at you but you are sad
So if it ever seems to you
That suddenly it’s over through
You take your life into your hands
Forgetting all your other plans
And you’re so sad you cut your wrists
And making sure you won’t be missed
You leave a note upon her bed
But will your words be ever read
When you have lost all you have gained
Don’t give it up just start again
Your feelings ____________
You take your life you’re gone for good
You’ll miss her bed but not her brains
There is no need to mention names
My reason’s strong your heart has failed
Your face is blue you’re looking pale

Love can kill you struck you down
Suicide _____ upside down
Love’s a mystery to us all
So don’t be misled by the call

Remember when we used to fight
And fists would fly throughout the night
Your face is red with cherry blood
And so I feel my time has come
You tore me from the world I knew
And suddenly it’s finished through

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