Hey little lady
Got a cigarette to spare
I like the high heels
And the shade of your hair
Wanna know a secret
Do you promise not to tell
I’m monkey on you baby
You got me in your spell

Fancy coming driving
To the house up by the moon
The night was made
For loving and I’m loving you
You said you were a student
Well honey study me
I’m monkey on you baby
It’s easy can’t you see

Those pretty good gear looks
Have bowled me over clean
You’re not exactly hollow
And I’m not really keen
Imagine we are walking
Alone upon the sand

I’m monkey on you baby
And I wanna hold your hand

I’m like a monkey up a tree
I’m like a monkey you will see
That I’m monkey on you baby
Tell me that you’re monkey on me

Written by Chris and Glenn in 1975 and recorded by Squeeze, but never released. It was covered by Dr Feelgood and released on their LP Fast Women and Slow Horses. Glenn performed it live in 2001.

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