Top of the Form

Top of the Form
(Difford / Tilbrook)

We had PE on Tuesdays
And English on Wednesdays
School was a prison
Where I served my time
The teachers all loathed me
My attitude fooled them
They quite often nailed me
To any old crime

Life was so different
For underachievers
Who grew up surviving
On scraps they were sent
The painters, the singers
The being unusual
They ducked and they dived
Until they were fed

Would send me to sleep
So I made my escape every day of the week
Would not teach me much
So I stayed at home and watched
Starsky and Hutch
I’m top of the form

I never read Shakespeare
Or understood Latin
I lived in a small house
With no books at all
But there was a record
That I kept on playing
And I had a suitcase
Out in the hall

Life was so different
Or have I just grown up
And turned into someone
I feared I would be
The teacher who caned me
Is now on the inside
He’s getting me back for my history

Would lead me to drink
So I moved out and stuck my head in the sink
Meant nothing to me
But that’s just the way
It turned out to be
I’m top of the form

We had fish on Friday
Roast on Sunday
Salads in summer
Fresh from the ground
We all peeled potatoes
While mum made the crumble
My memory savours
The love that we found

Lyrics to Top of the Form by Squeeze

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