Cashmere If You Can

Well Chris Difford’s new album has been available for a few weeks now – in parts! It’s being released as part of Saturday Morning Music Club, where each week (yes, you guessed it, on a Saturday) a new track, plus b-sides, videos, photos, song lyrics and notes by Chris are released to your desktop by a shiny new application.

Here’s what’s available so far in terms of music:

Introduction – 5 June 2010
Funky Dory
Battersea Boys (demo)

Chapter 1 – 19 June 2010
Like I Did
Velvet Zone
She Is The Walrus
Trippy Take Me

Chapter 2 – 26 June 2010
The Still and the Sparkling
As Bill Sees It
Lover In Bombay

Chapter 3 – 3 July 2010
Back In The Day
Slap & Tickle (Country and Western version)
Under The Mon

It’s available for £20 and you get something like 10 chapters. It’s a fascinating way of releasing music and far better value than a CD when you consider all the extras and the personal connection with the artist. My favourite so far? It’s got to be Polestar I think:

She was a dancer who lived round a pole
From 8 until midnight, then she would go home
To kids eating kit kats and drinking Dad’s beer
While he was still there sleeping, headphones in his ear

Isn’t that just classic Difford?

You can get Cashmere If You Can here.
Chris Difford - New Release - Cashmere if you can

In the meantime here’s Chris performing Happy Once Again taken from the album Cashmere If You Can.

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