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Chris Difford set up a brilliant digital music / video / photo / blog system called SMMC – Saturday Morning Music Club which is a pure delight to use. It’s based on the same system that delivers BBC iPlayer and is such a smooth and trouble free experience. It was so successful with his Cashmere If You Can album and then with a re-release of Glenn Tilbrook’s Pandemonium Ensues (with six bonus tracks) that it has really taken off and there are exciting plans to use it again. Here’s the SMMC update:

We at SMMC and Squeeze Towers, after an autumn of r&r (research & relentless development) – are more than delighted to be able to announce that in the very near future we will be launching 2 incredibly exciting initiatives based around the awesome SMMC App, and of course our flag-waving standard bearers, SQUEEZE.

In association with our friends at Fred Perry, and their fantastic Sub-Culture website, we will be bringing you an “up close and personal” so intimate it should come with a personal space warning. Every single day of the tour, resident video blogger and occasional drummer Simon Hanson will be bringing us his unique take on the tour happenings, in the form of a short movie ….. delivered direct to the SMMC Subculture App.

Along with this, Captain Alice will be bringing us the Captain’s Blog – the diary of a tour manager. Alice will give us her insight and stories and experiences of how its going on the road, and is even threatening to throw in some pictures.

And finally – the inimitable and incomparable Chris Difford will be bringing us his bird’s eye view of the tour, daily – with Diff’s Pics, his choice of documentation from his very own camera.

All brought to you by Fred Perry Subculture. Every Day throughout the tour.

We aim to please.

Another exciting announcement to follow.

Well, where’s the announcement? Coming soon I hope!

All 11 Chapters of “Cashmere If You Can” are available together, at once. That’s a total of 37 songs, complete with lyrics, plus 11 videos, tons of exclusive photos, and loads more, all delivered via the incredibly clever and elegant Saturday Morning Music Club Desktop App.

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