Exciting news – Squeezeliveblog to merge with Packetofthree!

Hello there, let me introduce myself…. my name is Adam aka the owner/creator/one to blame for the Squeezeliveblog that was created in 2009.
David and I are very pleased to announce that after intense negotiations we have decided that the squeezeliveblog would be better off here, rather than waiting for megaupload and the American government to sort out their differences!
Over time we hope to move the existing content over but as you can imagine it will take a while as the old site has collected a good few hundred gigs over the years.
The reason I created the blog in the first place was to a) share my own recordings and b) to unearth as many other recordings as possible for people to enjoy. so if you do have any old recordings or even recent ones that are not commercially available, please drop us a line.



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