Squeeze rarities on Squeezebay

There have been some great Squeeze rarities on ebay recently and there are some more coming up. It’s not me selling them (I’m buying!) and I’ve got no financial interest in them – just so you know!

Here’s something great: the original Squeeze sheet music for Take Me I’m Yours from 1978 available at a Buy It Now price of just £10:

Squeeze - Take Me I'm Yours - sheet music

Then there’s the original paperback of Squeeze Singles 45’s and Under from 1982 for just £7.95. It’s got all the classics – and I seem to remember this is piano – vocal – guitar:

Squeeze - Singles 45's and Under - sheet music

If you’re willing to pay the postage from the USA (or maybe you already live there) then the sheet music to [[853-5937]] might be your thing. It’s the original sheet music from 1987. Classic:

Squeeze - 853-5937 - sheet music

Items you’ve missed out on recently include:

The first Squeeze album from the UK fully signed by the original line-up which sold for £64.99:

Squeeze - autographed first LP

The original sheet music for [[Up the Junction]] from 1979 which sold with only one bid for £2.99 (plus £1.50 postage):

Squeeze - Up the Junction - sheet music

Keep a look-out for great Squeeze items – or maybe you’ve got something to sell? If so, tell me first using the Contact page.



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