Ain’t It Sad

Ain’t It Sad

No cameras no lights no stars in my eyes
And no way of getting through to you
No ride in my car with a two time tart
No way to make a dream come true
Walking up the street take a hold of my hand
It’s just a postcard of a place I knew

No afternoon cafe missing English and Maths
No tours round the summer coast
No waiter no tips no movies no scripts
No way of getting into my post
Riding up the street take a hold of my wheel
It’s just a lifetime and I’ll make the most

No walking down the beach no girls left to speak
And no time to mess around with her ears
No walking along when she’s feeling alone
And no time to get her under the pier
Running up the streets you can catch us if you can
This is my lifetime and I’ll _______ I fear

Because ain’t you
Sad girl ain’t it sad
Ain’t you
Sad girl ain’t it sad
Funny little things I thought I never had

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